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Latest Stats: Marriages Up, Age at Death for Men Sets Record
Nebraska Ag Connection - 04/11/2018

Did you have a baby? Get married or divorced? These vital life events change the face of Nebraska. Approximately 62,000 records of vital events are filed every year in Nebraska adding to the 7.3 million records already on file. Over 100,000 certified copies of these records are issued each year.

The 2016 Nebraska Vital Statistics report contains information on births, deaths, marriages and divorces. Here's a quick snapshot of the report by the numbers.

Marriage and Divorce:

- 12,338 marriages took place in Nebraska in 2016. This the fourth straight year for an increase in marriages (12,119 in 2015; 12,082 in 2014; and 11,765 in 2013).

- The long-term trend shows that Nebraska's marriage rate has been declining since 1970.

- Age at marriage continues to increase. Over one-third (38.3 percent) of all Nebraska marriages in 2016 involved a bride and groom who were both at least 30 years old up from 25.1 percent in 1990.

- The number of divorces in Nebraska declined. There were 5,949 divorces in 2016 versus 6,018 in 2015. Overall, the divorce rate has been on a slow decline since the 1990s.

- One of every four (25.4 percent) Nebraska divorces granted in 1990 terminated marriages lasting three years or less; this figure fell to 21.2 percent in 2016. Conversely, proportion of divorces granted in Nebraska that ended marriages lasting 20 years or more increased from 13.4 percent in 1990 to 18.1 percent in 2016.

- Just over half (50.5 percent) of the state's 2016 divorces involved couples with children, and 5,562 children were affected by these divorces.


- The average age at death for Nebraskans in 2016 was 75.2 years old, a decrease from 2015 of 75.3.

- Average age at death breakdown by gender:

o Nebraska women - 78 years.

o Nebraska men - 72.3 years -- a new record high.

- Nebraska's leading causes of death:

1. Cancer

2. Heart disease

3. Chronic lung disease

4. Stroke

5. Accidents (unintentional injuries)


- A total of 26,594 live births were recorded by Nebraska women in 2016 compared to 26,678 in 2015. This was the second year in a row of decrease after three consecutive years of increases.

- The average age of a Nebraska woman giving birth to her first child increased in past decades -- 24.2 years in 1990 to 26.1 years in 2016.

- Nebraska's 2016 live births included 442 sets of twins and 12 sets of triplets. In 1990, there were 257 sets of twins and six sets of triplets.

The primary information covered in the report is from 2016. The year delay in the release of the report is to allow for data collection, data analysis and completion of the report.

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