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Study: Everyone from NRA to Greenpeace on Board for Clean Energy
Nebraska Ag Connection - 07/10/2018

Swytch, a blockchain-based clean energy incentive, announced the results of a new study that reveals Americans across the country, from the National Rifle Association (NRA) to Greenpeace, are supportive of renewable energy.

Recent innovations in renewable energy technology have significantly lowered costs and made renewables an economically viable option. To better understand attitudes and choices around renewables and clean energy trends, Swytch commissioned a survey of over 1,000 consumers across the United States.

Nearly 73% of respondents in Republican (Red) States and 74% of respondents in Democratic (Blue) States are worried that there isn't enough being done to reduce climate change. Well above three-quarters of residents in both Red (77%) and Blue (80%) States believe that the government should offer incentives such as tax credits for renewable energy businesses to expand. In addition, over 60% of those surveyed in Red States and about 63% of those surveyed in Blue States think the government should subsidize renewables.

The survey also found that an overwhelming majority (92%) of Americans believe that renewable energy is either very important or somewhat important to the world's future and over 81% of respondents believe that solar power is the most important. Surprisingly, NRA members are over twice as likely (38%) to have solar panels than the general population (17%). Generation wise, Millennials are the most likely (21%) to have solar panels when compared to Gen X (12%) and Baby Boomers (11%).

The positive sentiment around clean energy is widespread. In fact, three-quarters of both NRA and Greenpeace members believe that businesses should be awarded for producing clean energy. Roughly 48% of respondents stated their primary motivation for switching to clean energy would be to save money and over 37% would switch to reduce their environmental impact.

"Over the last couple of years, people around the world have become more aware of the negative impact that climate change is having on the Earth," said Evan Caron, co-founder and managing director of Swytch. "Renewable energy technology has seen vast improvement, but due to the lack of effective global mechanisms, the transition to sustainable energy production has failed to take hold. Swytch provides a smarter way to incent companies, municipalities and investors to flow capital into the projects that will have the biggest impact on CO2 emissions."

Other interesting facts from the survey include:

- Over 80% of Gen Z believe that there isn't enough being done about climate change, compared to only 66% of Baby Boomers

- Over 90% of Gen Z believe that businesses should take responsibility for reducing the world's carbon footprint compared to about 74% of Millennials

- Almost 92% of respondents would be more willing to install solar if they had a battery to store the extra energy produced and 88% would be more willing if they could sell the extra energy produced

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