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Beer, Wine, Spirits Produers to Help UN Meet Development Goals
Nebraska Ag Connection - 07/11/2018

The United Nations has embedded partnership at the center of the SDGs, and continues to emphasize the important role the private sector can play as part of a multi-sector approach.

Businesses can enable bolder ideas and greater impact through its investment, unique expertise, technology, reach, and data. IARD members, as the leading beer, wine and spirits producers, are determined to be part of this movement of positive change to promote sustainable development for all.

Partnering For Progress on SDGS looks at work by IARD members that has effected meaningful change across the globe, focusing on the key areas of combatting harmful use of alcohol, improving health, reducing environmental impact, fostering economic growth and reducing NCDs. Their collective efforts have had a positive impact on thousands of communities in over a hundred communities from the Dominican Republic to India.

IARD's CEO and President Henry Ashworth commented: "This report, and the examples cited in it, highlight the progress that can be achieved through meaningful partnerships between businesses, NGOs and governments in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals.

"However successful partnerships can only thrive when there is a broad and responsible business sector able to play its role and support others in playing theirs.

"A whole-of-society approach is critical in delivering sustainable development locally, nationally and globally and our collective efforts can go much further if we move from a shared agenda to shared solutions.

"By developing a united and collaborative response, that includes the beer, wine, and spirits producers as equal partners, we can tackle NCDs and help meet the targets laid out within the SDGs."

IARD members are active partners in delivering the SDGs:

- All IARD members are committed to reducing harmful drinking through the Producers' Commitments* Some of the key achievements over the past five years include:

- An average of 345 drink driving prevention programs operating per year (between 2014 and 2017)

- Over 6 million underage individuals reached via face to face interactions (between 2015 and 2017)

- A 66% increase in local responsible retailing initiatives operating per year (between 2013 and 2017)

- Many IARD members have also joined the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER). Collectively, the BIER members have substantially reduced their use of energy and water. In 2015, BIER members used 69 billion fewer liters of water in 2015.

- Economic contribution. As leading beer, wine, and spirits producers, IARD members are contributors to economic activity around the world. Globally, the alcohol beverage industry is valued at USD $1.4 trillion and this figure includes millions of businesses from agriculture, production, distribution, retail, hospitality, and tourism.

- IARD members recognize that economic development must be sustainable and socially responsible and that is why all are signatories to the UN Global Compact.

IARD is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing harmful drinking worldwide and promoting responsible drinking, amongst those who choose to drink. IARD is supported by its member companies from all sectors of the regulated alcohol industry - beer, wine, and spirits - in their common purpose of being part of the solution to reducing the harmful use of alcohol.

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