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For Better or Worse: Crossing the Line
Joy Marshall, UNL Kearney - 09/22/2022

The world we live in is filled with visible and invisible lines--directing us, connecting us, and dividing us. We create them, negotiate them, erase them, replace them and, of course, cross them both accidentally and deliberately every day of our lives. We cross streets to visit our neighbors but sometimes also to confront them. We cross class, ethnic, religious, and gender lines in ways that expand and enrich our social fabric but sometimes also risking tearing it. We cross national lines to see the world and learn about new cultures, but also to conquer other civilizations, imposing our cultural values upon them. And meanwhile, nature itself ignores all our artificially imposed boundaries--storms, heat waves, fires, viruses, and species move and cross these lines at will--sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

We cannot begin to address all the ways lines may be crossed or the resulting consequences. Attend the 2022 James E. Smith Conference on World Affairs Nov. 14-15 at the University of Nebraska at Kearney's Student Union to learn avenues to stimulate your thoughts and discussions on various topics.

The keynote speaker, Pulitzer Prize Winning author Sonia Nazario, will discuss the modern-day odyssey of many child migrants--some as young as seven, all of them traveling alone-- who cross the line from Mexico in a quest to reunify with their mothers already living in the United States.

Dr. Margaret Jacobs from the University of Nebraska Lincoln takes a slightly different perspective on children crossing the line with her research into Indigenous Child Removal. In addition, we will have two speakers on Ukraine who will speak on the effect of the Ukraine Revolution and Russia's Invasion.

Dr. Moises Park, a Chilean/Korean Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures, will show how individuals with multiple ethno-religious and gender identities are constantly "crossing lines" in the realm of poetry, film, and music. These are only a fraction of the many speakers who will enrich your knowledge and understanding of how the lines created serve us, unite us and divide us.

The event is free to students, faculty, and community members from all over the state of Nebraska and beyond. Take this opportunity to become better acquainted with the countries across our border lines and be inspired to visit them so that we may one day become a more united world. Crossing the line has not always occurred "for better," but it should! For more information and to register, go to

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