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9 Essential Biosecurity Measures for Livestock Shows

9 Essential Biosecurity Measures for Livestock Shows

Nebraska's vibrant summer season hosts a variety of county fairs, livestock competitions, and thrilling rodeos that showcase the state's rich agricultural heritage. It's crucial for livestock owners to prioritize their animals' well-being by adhering to stringent biosecurity measures. To ensure your livestock stay healthy during these events, here are some essential tips to follow before, during, and after livestock shows:

Before the Show:

  • Monitor your animal's health closely. If they are unwell, it's best to refrain from attending the show to prevent spreading illness.
  • Before going to the show, thoroughly clean and disinfect your show equipment and trailer. This step helps eliminate potential pathogens.

During the Show:

  • Be careful about signs of heat stress or illness in your animals and take immediate action if needed.
  • Avoid sharing equipment or tools with other exhibitors to minimize the risk of disease transmission.
  • While using a community hose to water your animals, avoid allowing them to drink directly from the hose or dipping it in your bucket.

After the Show:

  • When you return from a show, isolate the animals from others on your farm and carefully observe them for any signs of illness. Avoid nose-to-nose contact between these isolated animals and the rest of your herd.
  • Do not share supplies, such as buckets and feed pans, between isolated animals and others. Thoroughly clean, disinfect, and dry all equipment used in the isolation area after each use.
  • Your animal becomes ill, consult a veterinarian promptly for appropriate care.
  • Clean and disinfect all equipment, clothing, shoes, show boxes, and vehicles/trailers used at the show to prevent disease transmission.

To prevent the spread of diseases, Nebraska enforces import restrictions on livestock coming from states with confirmed reportable disease cases. If you plan to bring animals into Nebraska, it is essential to visit

Individuals transporting animals from Nebraska to exhibitions in other states should also contact the destination state to understand their specific import requirements before transportation.

If you suspect or have concerns about livestock diseases, promptly reach out to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) at 402-471-2351.

Remember, by implementing these biosecurity measures, you play a important role in safeguarding the health and well-being of your livestock during the thrilling livestock shows of Nebraska's summer season.


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