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Road Superintendents Receive Advanced Licenses
Nebraska Ag Connection - 03/11/2019

Five (5) persons are the recipients of the Class A County Highway Superintendent and/or City Street Superintendent licenses. Created in 2003 by the Unicameral Legislature, the Class A license recognizes experience. A Class A license is renewable every three years upon evidence of continuing education. The Class A licensees are:

- Jane L. Cromwell, Schuyler

- Chad Packard, Lincoln

- Steven D. Rames, Norfolk

- Brandon W. Shafto, Amherst

- Jeffery Lee Thompson, Papillion

Nebraska's unique system of voluntary licensure was enacted in 1969 as part of a comprehensive initiative to improve county, municipal and state highways, roads and streets. To qualify for the basic (Class B) Superintendent's license, an individual must pass a rigorous examination or hold a Registered Professional Engineer's license.

Applicants for a Class A license must hold a Class B license and have either two years' experience as a county's or municipality's employed highway or street superintendent, or four years of comparable experience. Counties and municipalities with a Class A Superintendent qualify for double the annual Incentive Funds payment for having a licensed superintendent.

There are 403 Nebraska licensed individuals (Class B or Class A) serving the majority of the state's 93 counties and 529 municipalities.

Superintendents are qualified to administer county and city, road and street programs, including:

- preparing one- and six-year improvement plans,

- assisting in preparing annual budgets and financial reports,

- supervising the annual program for roadway design, construction and maintenance, and

- coordinating plans with adjacent counties and cities and with the Nebraska Department of Transportation

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