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NE Governor Says Renewable Fuels Fastest Way to Meet Climate Goals
Nebraska Ag Connection - 03/22/2023

A Midwestern governor says electric vehicles have a niche market, but renewable fuels are the fastest way to meet climate goals.

During a stop on his yearly Ag Day Tours at Oak Barn Beef in West Point, Nebraska’s Jim Pillen told Brownfield EV’s may work in urban areas but not on farms, “It’s going to have an impact for a niche market. But when we talk about transportation and the global economy, renewable fuels will play a big, big role across the country in farming and they’re here to stay. They’re not going to get replaced by electricity. It makes sense.

Attorney’s general from Nebraska and Iowa recently field an intent to sue the Environmental Protection Agency for its delay in authorizing E15 for the summer driving season and Pillen says the administration needs to remove the regulatory roadblocks, “It’s absolutely ridiculous that we’re still having conversations about E15. It’s proven.


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