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Union Pacific Urges Safety for Solar Eclipse Viewers
Nebraska Ag Connection - 08/10/2017

As America prepares for the country's first total solar eclipse in 38 years, Union Pacific urges sky watchers to steer clear of railroad tracks. The open sky above railroad property may appear enticing, but being on or near railroad tracks is a dangerous and illegal activity.

Union Pacific counts many miles of freight rail lines within the eclipse's viewing path. Hauling the freight American families and businesses use daily is a 24/7 job, so Union Pacific does not plan to alter operations or train schedules Aug. 21, the day of the eclipse. Those seeking the best view should not walk on or alongside railroad tracks or congregate near tracks, and should cross only at designated railroad crossings.

A fully loaded freight train travelling 50 miles per hour can take more than a mile to come to a complete stop, making it nearly impossible to avoid colliding with an individual, group or vehicle in its path. Many rail cars overhang up to six feet beyond the rails, making it a risky area, as well.

"During Union Pacific's proud 155 years of existence, 15 total eclipse events have transpired in the continental United States," said Rod Doerr, Union Pacific vice president - Safety. "For those looking to participate in this historic event, please do so safely and stay away from railroad tracks."

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