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Nebraska's fall 2023 webinar - insights on ag land management
Nebraska Ag Connection - 11/16/2023

The Center for Ag Profitability at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hosting its Agricultural Land Management Quarterly webinar for Fall 2023. Scheduled for November 20, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, this virtual session, accessible via Zoom, targets public audiences, including landowners, agricultural operators, and stakeholders.

Since 2019, these quarterly webinars have provided valuable information on real estate trends, agricultural land management, and solutions for upcoming agricultural challenges.

This November's session, featuring Agricultural Economist Jim Jansen and Extension Educator Emeritus Allan Vyhnalek, will focus on USDA Land Management Highlights. Topics include 2023 county-level cash rental rate estimates and details about ARC & PLC Farm Program Payments.

The webinar will offer insights into landlord and tenant communication, harvest season reports, and considerations for closing out leases and planning for 2024. A special segment titled “Ask an Expert” will allow participants to pose land management questions and receive live answers, making it an interactive and informative session.

For more information and to register for this insightful event, Click Here

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