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Explore 2024 Wheat Varieties at UNL Field Tours
Nebraska Ag Connection - 04/02/2024

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) proudly announces its Wheat Variety Tours for June 2024, presenting a unique opportunity for farmers, agronomists, and the public to explore and learn about the latest in wheat research and variety performance.

These tours are a cornerstone of the UNL Crop Performance Testing Program, reflecting a partnership between UNL experts and local farmer-cooperators.

Spanning across the state from Jefferson to Banner County, the tours will take place in eight different fields, each hosting a selection of the 78 wheat varieties currently under examination by UNL's dedicated wheat team.

Drs. Cody Creech and Amanda Easterly, along with Dr. Katherine Frels and Dr. Stephen Wegulo, will lead these informative sessions, offering invaluable insights into variety selection, optimal production practices, and management of pests and diseases.

The events, open to all without any cost, are designed to foster direct interaction between the agricultural community and leading wheat researchers. In select counties, the tours will be led by growers themselves, providing a hands-on perspective on wheat cultivation.

For those unable to attend in person, demonstration plots will be marked and available for viewing prior to the tours, remaining until harvest. Questions can be directed to Dr. Amanda Easterly at, ensuring an open channel for inquiries and engagement.

The detailed schedule, including specific dates, times, and directions to each site, ensures participants can effectively plan their visits to these informative events. From hands-on demonstrations to discussions with seed industry partners, the Wheat Variety Tours promise a comprehensive overview of Nebraska's wheat production landscape.

Accessibility accommodations are available upon request, ensuring an inclusive experience for all attendees. With a commitment to advancing agricultural knowledge and fostering community engagement, UNL's Wheat Variety Tours represent a key event for anyone involved or interested in the future of wheat production in Nebraska.

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