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Farmers invited to roller crimper workshop

Farmers invited to roller crimper workshop

By Scout Nelson

Nebraska Extension is extending a warm invitation to farmers and agricultural industry stakeholders to participate in an upcoming roller crimper workshop, scheduled for May 22nd at the University of Nebraska Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension, and Education Center.

The focus of this workshop will be on roller crimpers, a mechanical tool increasingly utilized for terminating cover crops without disturbing the soil. This innovative technique aims to create a dense mulch layer, effectively acting as a natural weed barrier.

Farmers, particularly those practicing organic or regenerative agriculture, as well as anyone seeking to reduce herbicide inputs or enhance weed management with cover crops, will find this workshop particularly beneficial.

The event will run from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, providing attendees with an opportunity to witness a roller crimper in action. Participants will observe firsthand how this equipment efficiently terminates cover crops while preserving soil structure and health.

Farmers will have the chance to share their experiences with roller crimping, exchanging insights and best practices with peers.

The workshop will feature demonstration plots showcasing various small grains such as barley, oats, rye, triticale, and wheat. This unique display offers attendees the rare opportunity to observe multiple cover crop varieties in one location.

Farmers and industry stakeholders are encouraged to explore these demo plots, gaining valuable insights into the performance and suitability of different cover crop species for their specific agricultural contexts.

The workshop provides an invaluable networking opportunity, allowing participants to connect with fellow farmers and agricultural educators. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, this event aims to strengthen the local agricultural community and promote sustainable farming practices.

This roller crimper workshop is open to both experienced and new farmers, with on-site registration starting at 9:00 am. Pre-registration is not required, and the event promises to be an informative and enriching experience for both seasoned and newcomers.

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