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US meat exporters look to central Asia for growth

US meat exporters look to central Asia for growth

By Jamie Martin

The US is turning its attention to Central Asia to boost its meat exports in the face of slowing demand from China. This shift comes as China, a major importer of US meat, has significantly reduced its purchases this year.

To tap into new markets, the US recently secured trade deals with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. These agreements allow US beef and poultry producers to export their products to these Central Asian countries. The deals follow discussions between US trade officials and representatives from Central Asia.

The decline in Chinese demand is a key driver of this shift in US export strategy. China's imports of US beef have dropped by 10%, while broiler meat purchases have fallen by a staggering 79% compared to the previous year. This is likely due to factors like increased competition and ongoing trade tensions between the two countries.

While the US has found success in other markets, particularly Mexico and the Middle East, these haven't been enough to fully replace China's buying power. Overall chicken exports have also decreased despite growth in some Southeast Asian nations.

The US meat industry sees these new trade deals in Central Asia as a promising opportunity to solidify its export market and achieve long-term growth.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-luoman

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