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Power Genetics wins 2024 national BQA marketer of the year
Nebraska Ag Connection - 02/23/2024

Power Genetics, a Nebraska-based company, has been recognized for its dedication to quality and ethical cattle production by winning the 2024 National Beef Quality Assurance Marketer of the Year award. This achievement highlights their commitment to providing consumers with wholesome beef raised through responsible practices.

Founded in 1991, Power Genetics built a network of independent feedyards focused on consistent quality genetics and animal welfare. They prioritize consumer preferences, ensuring all cattle are sired by their own seedstock and raised according to strict BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) guidelines.

The BQA program, which Power Genetics has adopted wholeheartedly, provides a framework for training employees in proper animal handling and treatment. BQA certification is mandatory for all employees at member feedyards, and independent audits ensure compliance with these standards. Additionally, anyone transporting cattle for Power Genetics must be BQA Transportation certified, minimizing stress and promoting animal well-being throughout the process.

"The BQA certification process is a great tool," says Jason Anderson, president and founder of Power Genetics. "The audit tool puts teeth to the program, ensuring consistent application of these principles."

These efforts have resulted in several positive outcomes. Employee training has improved, leading to more effective and humane cattle handling. Additionally, the standardized operating procedures have enhanced employee safety and animal well-being.

"Our employees, especially the younger generation, only know low-stress cattle handling and proper procedures," says Anderson. "Everything we do is to create a better eating experience for the consumer."

Dr. Shane Terrell, a veterinarian working with Power Genetics, commends their dedication: "Jason and Power Genetics are always looking to be industry leaders, thinking about the consumer and animal with every decision they make."

This commitment to ethical and sustainable practices extends beyond animal welfare. Power Genetics partners with cow-calf producers to improve genetics, and the entire system is designed to deliver high-quality beef that consumers can trust.

Being able to point to the BQA certification and audit process allows Power Genetics to confidently address consumer concerns about cattle production. "We can stand behind how we manage the cattle," says Anderson. "When you're producing beef to the best of your ability and the right way, it's fun to talk about what you do."

Power Genetics' success story serves as an inspiration for the entire beef industry, demonstrating how prioritizing quality, animal welfare, and transparency can lead to both ethical practices and consumer trust.

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