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Nebraska internet reliability - rural vs urban

Nebraska internet reliability - rural vs urban

By Scout Nelson

The Bureau of Sociological Research's latest edition of the Nebraska Snapshot, part of the Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey, sheds light on the state of internet dependability across different residential areas in Nebraska. This survey, conducted bi-monthly, provides insight into various social issues affecting Nebraskans.

Statewide, 45% of respondents feel they have very dependable internet, while 41% view their service as mostly dependable. A significant 14% consider their internet reliability to be less satisfactory, ranging from somewhat dependable to not dependable at all.

Looking more closely at rural areas, only 26% of residents living on farms or in open country report having very dependable internet. This figure contrasts sharply with urban areas, where 50% of town and city dwellers report very dependable internet.

While 39% of urban residents rate their internet as mostly dependable, this sentiment is shared by 46% of farm residents and 52% in open country. 28% of farm dwellers and 22% of those in open country describe their internet as somewhat to not dependable, a stark contrast to the 11% in urban areas.

Internet speeds also vary greatly by residence. Statewide, 33% report very fast internet, with a majority indicating somewhat fast speeds.

Urban residents are more likely to enjoy very fast speeds (37%) compared to their rural counterparts, where only 16% of farm residents and 17% of those in open country report very fast internet.37% of those on farms experience slower speeds, compared to 20% in open country and a mere 8% in urban areas.

This data emphasizes a clear digital divide within Nebraska, highlighting the need for targeted improvements in internet infrastructure, especially in rural regions to ensure equitable access for all residents.

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