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Nebraska Ag event attracts record youth

Nebraska Ag event attracts record youth

By Scout Nelson

High school juniors and seniors across Nebraska have shown exceptional interest in the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute (NAYI).

This event, a key platform for youth in agriculture, is hosted by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) and will take place from July 8-12 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s East Campus.

NDA Director Sherry Vinton expressed excitement over the enthusiastic response, stating, “We were overwhelmed, but not surprised, by the record number of applications we received from students interested in attending NAYI.”

The institute is celebrated as a critical stepping-stone for future agricultural leaders in Nebraska, allowing them to expand their knowledge, network with industry professionals, and explore varied career paths.

Now in its 53rd year, NAYI holds the title of the longest-running agricultural program of its kind in the nation. The theme for this year, “Leading Your Legacy,” reflects the event's goal to cultivate a new generation of skilled agricultural leaders.

The program includes motivational speakers, agricultural discussions, a farm management game, and even social events like a formal banquet and dance.

The selection of students for NAYI is based on their leadership skills, interests, and active involvement in agriculture.

The event is organized by the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council (NAYC), which consists of 21 college students with a deep commitment to the agricultural sector.

These council members play a vital role during the institute, offering insights into agricultural practices, academic advice, and career-building tips.

“The Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council does a fantastic job showcasing the opportunities here in our state. It is our hope that after NAYI, the delegates will be better prepared for whatever path they choose in life and know that they will always have a part to play in Nebraska agriculture,” said Director Vinton.

Thanks to the support of NDA, agri-businesses, commodity groups, and industry organizations, attendees can join NAYI free of charge. For those interested in supporting this enriching program, contact NAYC Advisor Christin Kamm at

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