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Lead the way - rural leadership webinars

Lead the way - rural leadership webinars

By Scout Nelson

Rural Prosperity Nebraska, part of the Nebraska Extension, is excited to introduce its "Lead and Succeed Lunchbox Series." This summer webinar series is dedicated to enhancing leadership development within rural communities. The first of these sessions will kick off on June 27.

The series will cover various leadership aspects, including roles and systems within communities. It aims at current leaders, aspiring leaders, and those keen on increasing their community involvement.

"Leadership development is essential for the sustainability of rural areas," says Tyler Quick, the overseeing instructor from Rural Prosperity Nebraska. He emphasizes the importance of equipping community leaders with modern skills to tackle emerging challenges.

This initiative follows the successful Leadership Chautauqua event held last year, where leaders from Nebraska and Iowa discussed new strategies for community leadership. Continuing these conversations, the webinars will focus on collective leadership, broadening community engagement, and strengthening regional partnerships.

Lindsay Hastings, a leading professor in the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication department, highlights the critical leadership transition underway due to Baby Boomer retirements. "Our communities need resilient, innovative leadership to thrive amidst these changes," she notes.

The webinars will be conducted by Rural Prosperity Nebraska educators and cover three main topics:

  • Encouraging Collective Leadership - Redefining leadership as a collective endeavor on June 27 at 2:30-1:30 p.m. CT
  • Addressing the 'Who’s Missing?' Question - Including diverse voices in leadership roles on July 25 at 12:30-1:30 p.m. CT
  • Promoting Organizational and Regional Partnerships - Utilizing resources from universities and institutions to meet community needs on Aug. 29 at 12:30-1:30 p.m. CT

All sessions are free, held via Zoom, and do not require registration, ensuring easy access for everyone interested in fostering positive change in their communities.

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