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HPAI alert in Nebraska - call for poultry protection measures
Nebraska Ag Connection - 11/29/2023

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has confirmed a new case of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in a backyard flock in Colfax County, Nebraska. This development has prompted a reminder for poultry producers to remain vigilant in monitoring and protecting their birds against this virus.

State Veterinarian Dr. Roger Dudley expressed concern over the new HPAI case, noting that while Nebraska had been free of HPAI reports for some months, the resurgence is not unexpected due to cases in surrounding states. Dr. Dudley emphasizes the necessity for poultry producers to be aware of the signs and symptoms of HPAI and to continue implementing robust biosecurity measures.

HPAI is known for its high contagion among birds, spreading through nasal and eye secretions, as well as manure. It can be transmitted from flock to flock by various means, including contact with wild birds, infected poultry, contaminated equipment, and even through the clothing and shoes of caretakers. While wild birds can carry the virus asymptomatically, domesticated birds may exhibit severe symptoms or sudden death.

Symptoms to watch for include reduced water intake, decreased energy and appetite, drop in egg production or abnormal eggs, respiratory issues, incoordination, and diarrhea. The virus can remain viable for extended periods in contaminated environments.

Resources for poultry producers, including updated maps of HPAI cases in Nebraska, are available at the NDA's website. Producers encountering poultry with signs of HPAI, or unusual deaths are urged to contact the NDA or the USDA immediately for assistance and guidance in managing this critical situation.

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