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Agrofresh launches fresh produce sustainability mission
Nebraska Ag Connection - 02/09/2024

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a leader in post-harvest technologies, is excited to share its new commitment to the produce industry. With a focus on empowering the business of fresh at every step, AgroFresh aims to help customers produce quality fresh produce sustainably for everyone.

This mission comes as the company expands its solutions to include SO2 intelligent packaging technology, enhancing the freshness of table grapes, berries, and flowers.

AgroFresh CEO Clint Lewis presented the company's updated mission at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, emphasizing its role as a global post-harvest leader in addressing fresh produce challenges with innovative solutions, aimed at managing quality and ripening challenges throughout the value chain.

As AgroFresh continues to grow, it remains focused on meeting customer needs and supporting the global distribution of sustainable, quality fresh produce. The acquisition of Tessara, a leader in intelligent packaging solutions, marks a significant step in expanding AgroFresh's capabilities and focusing on the future.

This merger strengthens the company's position to support customers' success with science-based, data-driven solutions that reduce food loss and waste and enhance produce quality and shelf-life.

Duncan Aust, Chief Technology Officer at AgroFresh, highlights the company's 40-year commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company offers products, services, and digital solutions to ensure fresh produce, reduce waste, and reduce food loss, aiming to serve customers better.

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