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Farm Bureau Requests Extended Use Of Dicamba
Nebraska Ag Connection - 04/01/2024

On February 5, farmers experienced a loss to their crop production toolbox as dicamba registration was vacated for soybeans and cotton by an Arizona District Court. In response, Nebraska Farm Bureau submitted a letter to Administrator Michael Regan at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asking for an existing stocks order.

On February 14, we got a Valentine’s Day gift from the Environmental Protection Agency, as they announced an existing stocks order for dicamba for use over the top of soybeans and cotton. Unfortunately, implementation of the order has not occurred as smoothly as the agency or stakeholders may have hoped.

The existing stocks order from the EPA allowed use of the dicamba if it was packaged and ready to ship by February 6. The industry is now seeing issues with implementing the existing stocks order, including geographical discrepancies with stock location, and shortage of supply compared to average. The stock limitation has caused some areas to still not have dicamba available for the 2024 season, causing panic that the weeds will be uncontrollable.

As a stop gap for the issue, Nebraska Farm Bureau signed onto a group letter to the EPA requesting extension to the existing stocks order. We would like to see manufacturing facilities given the capability to provide more dicamba for the needs of producers, phasing the chemical out over a longer period. We asked that there be allowance for use of the chemical at least for 2025 growing season, and potentially longer. This would ensure farmers and ranchers are not left without the ability to acquire the chemicals they need to maximize yields.

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