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Nebraska farmers begin post-flood cleanup efforts

Nebraska farmers begin post-flood cleanup efforts

By Scout Nelson

Farmers in Nebraska and Iowa are beginning the arduous task of cleaning up after the Missouri River's flooding recedes.

Adam Thien, from Thien Farm Management, oversees the challenging cleanup efforts on affected properties, focusing on removing debris and sand brought by the river.

The damage is severe, with approximately 1,100 acres of Thien’s managed properties submerged under water, resulting in an estimated financial loss of around $1 million.

This year’s agricultural prospects are grim, with the window for replanting missed and expected crop insurance payouts insufficient to cover all losses.

To mitigate some of the damage, farmers are considering the use of cover crops to replenish and protect the soil. These crops, though less lucrative, are essential for restoring the agricultural viability of the land. They help retain soil structure and add back vital nutrients lost during the flood.

In the face of these challenges, the farming community remains resilient. Thien noted that while the desire for a successful crop season is strong every year, farmers understand and accept the risks associated with weather-related disruptions.

The focus now shifts not only to recovery but also to essential farming duties delayed by the floods, such as spraying for pests and managing weeds.

This recovery and cleanup period are crucial for the long-term health of the agricultural sector in the region, underscoring the resilience and preparedness of farmers facing natural adversities.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-jj-gouin

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