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Nebraska property tax reform hits snags

Nebraska property tax reform hits snags

By Scout Nelson

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen's plan for property tax reform faces hurdles as he prepares for a special legislative session this month. Key allies in the agricultural sector, including the Nebraska Farm Bureau, are voicing concerns about his proposals.

One contentious proposal involves removing sales tax exemptions for agricultural and manufacturing inputs like seeds, fertilizer, and chemicals. Pillen argues this could be offset by reductions in property taxes if the state takes on a majority of local K-12 funding.

The Farm Bureau and some senators fear this could raise overall taxes for farmers. They argue that taxing inputs at a lower rate wouldn't provide enough relief, and some farmers, especially those renting land, might not benefit from property tax reductions.

Another concern is the lack of a detailed plan from Pillen. Lawmakers are frustrated by the absence of a clear proposal and the short timeframe for crafting a complex solution. Some are drafting their own proposals, potentially leading to a confusing special session with multiple competing ideas.

Governor Pillen's strategy of holding town halls and criticizing the Legislature has also created tension. Some senators believe it undermines the possibility of a productive special session.

With opposition from agricultural groups and a lack of consensus among lawmakers, Pillen's property tax reform plan faces an uncertain future. The upcoming special session is likely to be contentious, with multiple proposals on the table and a critical need for compromise.

Photo Credit: nebraska-farm-bureau

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