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Nebraska teams launch soyFoam for safer firefighting

Nebraska teams launch soyFoam for safer firefighting

By Scout Nelson

In Nebraska, the pillars of local communities—farmers and firefighters—have come together in a groundbreaking initiative. Their collaboration focuses on the adoption of SoyFoam™, a novel firefighting foam that promises enhanced safety for firefighters and sustainability for agricultural practices.

SoyFoam™, developed by Cross Plains Solutions in partnership with the soy checkoff, represents a significant innovation in firefighting technology. This foam is the first to receive a Gold level GreenScreen Certification®.

Unlike traditional firefighting foams, which contain PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) known for their adverse environmental and health impacts, SoyFoam™ is 100% free of these harmful chemicals. It's made from soy flour, using the meal component of the soybean, which is a byproduct of the soy oil extraction used in other industries.

Jason Penke, a local farmer and chairman of the Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB), expressed pride in this achievement. He noted that the use of soybeans in creating safer firefighting practices not only protects front-line heroes but also adds value to the agricultural sector.

The manufacturing of SoyFoam™ currently utilizes the protein from 12 million bushels of soybeans, with potential expansions in usage anticipated.

Alan Snipes, Managing Partner at Cross Plains Solutions, highlighted the readiness of their Georgia plant to meet the increasing demand from fire departments nationwide. The product's versatility suggests future applications in various fire suppression systems, further extending its market potential.

The environmental and health concerns associated with PFAS are serious; these chemicals have been detected in water, air, soil, and wildlife across the globe, and are linked to several health issues including cancers and thyroid dysfunction. By adopting SoyFoam™, communities not only protect their firefighters but also contribute to the overall health of their environment.

The Nebraska Soybean Board encourages local farmers to advocate for SoyFoam™ within their communities, emphasizing its dual benefits of safety and sustainability. This initiative is a prime example of how agricultural innovations can foster safer practices while respecting environmental integrity.

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