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Positive outlook in cattle industry - Good moisture, strong prices

Positive outlook in cattle industry - Good moisture, strong prices

By Jamie Martin

Cattle industry experts in Oklahoma are expressing optimism due to favorable conditions. Recent rainfall has improved pasture quality, and cattle auctions are experiencing a positive trend.

Market prices for cattle have been steadily increasing, with some feeders fetching $3-$6 more per head and heavier cattle reaching prices $10 higher. This upward trend continued into the week, with strong auction numbers anticipated.

"Everyone's looking to buy cattle to graze," said an industry representative, highlighting the abundance of good quality feed available. The recent wheat harvest, yielding well this year, has also contributed to the overall quality of cattle coming to auction.

While there will be a temporary pause in sales at Oklahoma National Stockyards next week, auctions in Woodward and Comanche will continue as usual. These positive developments indicate a promising outlook for the Oklahoma cattle industry.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-imaginegolf

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