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Boost yields - join Nebraska's 4rs nutrient day 2024

Boost yields - join Nebraska's 4rs nutrient day 2024

By Scout Nelson

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is proud to announce the upcoming 4Rs Nutrient Stewardship Field Day. This event will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, July 11, 2024, at the Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension, and Education Center, near Mead, Nebraska.

The field day will focus on the 4Rs of nutrient management: right source, right rate, right time, and right place. This science-based approach helps increase crop yield and profitability while protecting the environment. This year features a new web-based nitrogen tool aimed at enhancing nitrogen use efficiency and simplifying record-keeping.

The event will start with registration and a light breakfast, followed by an introduction from Javed Iqbal, assistant professor of soil nutrient management at UNL. Keynote speaker Richard Ferguson, a professor at UNL, will discuss the future of nitrogen management in Nebraska.

Attendees will also see a demonstration of the Digital UNL Nitrogen Calculator and learn about the performance of enhanced efficiency fertilizers and biological products. The day includes a farmer panel discussing nitrogen management and a session on 4Rs cost-share funds led by Corey Brubaker of USDA NRCS.

The afternoon session will feature field demonstrations on fertilizer performance and a drone demonstration for improved nitrogen management. The event offers 4.5 CEUs in nutrient management and counts towards Lower Platte North NRD nitrogen certification.

This free event requires registration and promises to be an invaluable experience for all attendees interested in sustainable crop production and advanced nutrient management techniques.

Photo Credit - nebraska-extenstion

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