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Nebraska crops thrive this growing season

Nebraska crops thrive this growing season

By Scout Nelson

Nebraska's agricultural landscape is showing promising signs as reported by the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service for the week ending June 9, 2024. The state experienced 5.3 days suitable for fieldwork, facilitating notable progress in crop development.

Topsoil moisture conditions were mostly stable, with 71% rated as adequate and an 11% surplus, supporting healthy crop growth and 69% of subsoil moisture was rated adequate, with a 9% surplus, important for sustained plant health.

Detailed Crop Conditions:

  • Corn: Displaying vigorous growth, with 57% rated good and 27% excellent. Corn emergence reached 93%, aligning closely with historical averages.
  • Soybeans: Also showing strength, with 60% in good condition and 19% excellent. Planting was nearly complete at 96%, and 82% of soybeans have emerged.
  • Winter Wheat: Stood out with 32% rated excellent and 40% good; 93% of the crop is headed, surpassing last year’s progress.
  • Sorghum and Oats: Sorghum showed 74% good condition, with oats at 65% good and 20% excellent. Oats heading reached 54%, significantly ahead of previous years.
  • Dry Edible Beans: Planting surged to 77%, outpacing last year’s progress dramatically, although emergence is slightly delayed at 7%.

The condition of pastures and ranges was generally positive, with 65% rated good to excellent, supporting livestock well-being.

This week’s agricultural update reflects a good start to the growing season in Nebraska, with favorable weather conditions and effective farming practices combining to set the stage for potentially successful harvests across the state.

Photo Credit -istock-alenamozhjer

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