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Rural prosperity Nebraska launches new virtual leadership series

Rural prosperity Nebraska launches new virtual leadership series

By Scout Nelson

Recognizing the crucial role of leadership in rural communities, Rural Prosperity Nebraska is inviting leaders from rural Nebraska to participate in a new series of virtual gatherings. These gatherings are designed to strengthen community leadership development across the state.

Following a successful Leadership Chautauqua in Kearney last fall, which saw over 100 community leaders come together, Rural Prosperity Nebraska is advancing this initiative with three scheduled Zoom discussions in April.

Tyler Quick, one of the instructors from Rural Prosperity Nebraska, emphasized the series' goals. "We’ll also explore the innovative ideas that leaders have for the future of their communities, and how effective leadership can turn those aspirations into realities," he explained.

The discussions will focus on several key areas:

  • Fostering collaborative endeavors to demonstrate how leadership can catalyze collective progress within communities.
  • Promoting inclusive leadership by inviting participation from those traditionally sidelined in community dialogues.
  • Strengthening partnerships to enhance existing programs and create impactful networks among leaders.

Lindsay Hastings, a professor in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication department, highlighted the previous event's success. "Ultimately, we wanted the Leadership Chautauqua to bring together peer networks of community leaders to have a robust think-tank discussion about CLD, and I think that was accomplished," she stated.

These virtual discussions aim to be dynamic forums for exchanging ideas and fostering collaboration, not just passive participation. "Be prepared to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of creativity and innovation as we chart the course for a brighter, more resilient rural Nebraska," added Quick.

The discussions are free, but registration is required by April 12. Upcoming sessions are scheduled for:

Participants are encouraged to register early to contribute to shaping a sustainable future for their communities through enhanced leadership skills.

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