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USDA reports change in major crop acreage for 2024

USDA reports change in major crop acreage for 2024

By Jamie Martin

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released their Acreage report for 2024, revealing significant changes in crop acreage. Corn planting has decreased by 3%, totaling 91.5 million acres.

Despite this drop, 94% of these acres consist of biotech varieties, a slight increase from the previous year. On the other hand, soybean planting has risen by 3%, reaching 86.1 million acres, with 96% utilizing herbicide-resistant seeds.

Cotton plantings have seen a notable increase, with an overall 14% rise to 11.7 million acres. The majority of this growth is in Upland cotton, which also experienced a 14% increase, while American Pima saw a more significant jump of 24%.

In contrast, wheat acreage has declined overall by 5%, with winter wheat down by 8%. However, durum wheat planted area rose dramatically by 29%, and other spring wheat saw a modest 1% increase.

The Acreage report is based on surveys conducted in early June across about 9,000 land segments and nearly 64,000 farm operators. This comprehensive report helps stakeholders understand the evolving landscape of U.S. agriculture, reflecting farmers' responses to market demands and environmental conditions.

The data from this report is crucial for planning and forecasting in the agricultural sector, affecting decisions from farm-level to national policy.

Photo Credit: usda

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