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Young Nebraska farmers push for farm bill

Young Nebraska farmers push for farm bill

By Scout Nelson

During a recent trip to Washington D.C., members of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R) Committee voiced their priorities to the Nebraska congressional delegation, highlighting the urgent need for action on the Farm Bill.

The group stressed the importance of maintaining federal crop insurance without linking it to climate-focused practices. This is essential for the sustainability and integrity of their farming operations.

They praised the House Agriculture Committee for advancing a bipartisan bill, calling for swift action from both the House and the Senate.

“Having the Farm Bill pass out of the House Ag Committee is a huge step in the right direction,” expressed Daniel Hasart, a dedicated committee member and cattle rancher from Cherry County.

Addressing labor issues, the committee members discussed the complexities and rising costs of the H-2A visa program, which is crucial for agricultural staffing. The program's challenges have escalated, making it difficult for many farms to operate efficiently.

“We need Congress to pass legislation that pauses the Adverse Effect Wage Rate for the H-2A program at 2023 levels,” Grant Jones, a row crop farmer and cattle rancher from Chase County, highlighted the need for stable wage rates to support farm operations.

The looming expiration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) was another critical topic. With the act set to expire in 2025, there is concern over the potential increase in taxes, which could severely impact farm and ranch businesses.

“Not extending the TCJA would be detrimental to my operation,” shared Courtney Nelson, a row crop farmer from Madison County, emphasizing the need for a reliable tax code to manage the inherent uncertainties of agriculture.

The visit allowed young farmers and ranchers to showcase their dedication to agriculture and advocate for sustainable policies.

Audrey Schipporeit, NEFB's director of generational engagement, emphasized the importance of young producers reminding policymakers that agriculture is growing, innovative, and sustainable for future generations.

This engagement is crucial for empowering more young people to advocate for agriculture's future.

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